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Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics And Communication Engineering .Proficient in Python3, Data Structures and Algorithms, MySQL DBMS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I've mentored in DSA at Suntek Corp Solutions Pvt. Ltd., showcasing problem-solving and communication skills. I've developed a 'Driver Awakening System' and a 'Metro Rail App' as personal projects, demonstrating programming proficiency. When it comes to programming, I'm a 5-star coder on HackerRank and have solved 340+ problems on LeetCode. Achieving rank of 7 out of 1600+ at Geeks for Geeks and receiving recognition in hackathons underline my academic achievements. Now I am a Web Developer and exploring the world of programming.

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Driver Awakening System Using RaspberryPi

Developed a drowsiness detection system using Python3, DLib, OpenCV, Scipy, numpy, argparse, imutils, and face_utils. This system continuously tracks the facial landmarks and movement of the driver's eyes and lips. The project's primary focus is on monitoring the driver's eyes and lips, and it triggers an alert when the system detects eye closure for a certain number of frames or yawning.


Created a Python program that simplifies metro commuting by providing fare information and the shortest metro route from a source station to a destination station. The program also includes a user-friendly metro map for navigation. The shortest path is determined using algorithms like Dijkstra, and the fare is calculated based on the total distance between the two stations. Additionally, the program displays the metro route and the total fare.

Snake Game

Created a classic Snake game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The game offers an engaging and fun experience, challenging players to collect food while avoiding collisions with the snake's own body and the walls.

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I'm on a continuous journey of learning, driven by my passion for technology and coding. I actively seek opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

Leetcode GeeksforGeeks Hackerank
Python & DSA 90%
Front-End Development 80%
Database Management(RDBMS) 80%

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